Arya means someone with good or noble qualities. Here noble refers to good qualities, not royal lineage. In Vedic times, it was common to address each other as “Arya”. This was a respectful way to acknowledge the goodness in each other.


Hence, Arya Pragati means an initiative that helps those with noble qualities succeed in life. These noble qualities also assume absence of those that reflect poor choices or habits in life. Hence, anyone with noble qualities, irrespective of race, colour, caste or even nationality can be considered as an “Arya”. Thus, this program is inclusive


As you would observe, these principles are universal in nature and should be acceptable by one and all. In the same way, membership of Arya Samaj, that was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswathi, was also meant to be a society for all with noble ideals, without any discrimination against anyone. If you would like to participate in the Pragati Program, our expectation would be that you are striving to be an Arya.

What does an Arya not do? What does an Arya do?
Harm anyone including Animals & birds for any kind of personal gain.
He will respect Nature and follow Ahimsa in thoughts, words and deeds. He will be a Vegetarian by choice with no exception.
Intake intoxicants of any kind that harms one’s physical and mental abilities. This includes having Drugs, smoke or alcoholic drinks.
Lead a healthy lifestyle, including consuming food that helps him remain not-only healthy, but also pure in thoughts and actions
Is self-centered. Will only think of one’s own benefit, even if it be at greater loss to others, society and nation.
Does the tradeoff in favour of larger good of society and nation. Can sacrifice personal comfort or gain for larger good.
Does not care for or acknowledge the role his parents, teachers and society at large have played in his upbringing
He is conscious of the contributions of others. Strives to give back by respecting and serving parents, teachers and the society or nation at large.
Keeps bad company. Watches or reads films or books that are vulgar.
Makes good choices with respect to the company one keeps. Attends Satsangs. Does regular reading of good books.
Is untrustworthy. One’s thoughts, words and deeds do not match
Is trustworthy. Will do as he says. No doublespeak.