1. I have completed 18 years of age on the date of the application.
  2. I am already or will become a member of any social organisation and serve the national or social cause of the organisation.
  3. I state that all the facts mentioned or declared by me are correct and true to my knowledge. I will remain truthful in all the declarations that I do in my application and in the downstream processes.
  4. I declare the following, in my personal conduct
    1. I am a teetotaller and do not indulge in any alcoholic drinks.
    2. I am a non-smoker.
    3. I do not use drugs in any form.
    4. I am a vegetarian and do not take any non-vegetarian food in any form.
  5. I am applying for Financial Assistance. I promise to repay the loan if I have one, along with the interest.
  6. The objective of the program is to support those who contribute to the cause of nation-building. I understand the intent and pledge to always work for the larger cause of Nation and Society without compromising on honesty and integrity.
  7. Pay forward pledge
    1. I understand that the Financial Assistance Program is a Pay forward program.,i.e., while I enjoy the benefits of the program today, I commit myself to serving others through this program. I will do so both financially (when I am settled) as well as contributing my time and offering guidance to support this program.
    2. I also offer to give my time as a mentor or coach to others who require my guidance and mentoring support.
  8. I accept the decision of the Selection committee for Financial Assistance. There will be no recourse to the decision.