Evaluation of suitability for the financial assistance will be basis three considerations

Leadership role & contribution

Students who demonstrate an innate ability, intent or past history to contribute to common causes. Hence, students are encouraged to demonstrate willingness to participate in and contribute to social & national causes.
We will assess leadership potential by going through your facebook page. Hence, you are requested to upload your participation in leadership or social activities on your facebook and provide us the link to your page. You could upload

Besides, we would also value recommendation letter from your educational institution. If you are a member in any social institution, you may even share a letter of recommendation from them.

We believe higher the level of leadership, the more holistic is it. A Leader identifies with a broader theme and takes a longer view of how to solve the challenges. The appeal of his vision is universal and timeless.

Aptitude commensurate with the target courses

This will be basis past academic performance and an aptitude test conducted online. We expect students who apply to have scored a minimum of 60% or equivalent in their Class XII examinations. Students are expected to upload records of their academic performance. In addition, we will also conduct aptitude tests at periodic intervals. We will also conduct Group discussions and interviews to assess aptitude.

Capability will be assessed in relation to the target courses. Hence, courses or programs that are highly competitive will be assessed suitably.

Financial condition

Financial condition of Families of the students will be considered while awarding scholarship or any other kind of Financial assistance or support. Financial assistance will be extended to students who meet the criterion on Leadership and Aptitude or Capability. However, they will be assessed first for suitability for a loan or Gig work for Pay. If these options cant be exercised or the family condition is such that there is a strong case for scholarship based support, that will be considered as well. Only students will family income less than Rs. 6 lakh per annum will be considered for scholarship support.