Students/ aspirants who want to avail Financial Support of any kind in this program are suggested to follow the following steps:

  1. Go through the various sections on this website to understand the scope and mode of our support.
  2. Go through the terms of our support. Please apply only if you agree with them.
  3. Register yourself as an applicant for Financial support. This will mean you will generate a unique login id and password. (Register here)
  4. Login as an applicant (Login here) and fill up the Form on the site to apply for the Financial Support. (Application Form)
  5. Ensure all the documents required are uploaded properly.
  6. Please identify in your application, the kind of Financial support you require. Please note that the likelihood of financial support is far higher in the case  of arrangement of loan and Gig work for pay. Scholarships are very limited. Hence, we encourage you to apply for Loan and Gig work for pay to the extent possible.
  7. If the Form is partially filled, you can SAVE the Form filled in. You can go back to the Form and fill up the remaining details. Once you have completed the Form, click the SUBMIT button.
  8. Once you have submitted the Form, no more changes can be done to your application.
  9. It takes time to process the application. Hence, applicants are advised to apply atleast 3 months in advance of the payment of fee or incurring of expense to ensure adequate time is at hand to process the application.
  10. Against a login ID, only one application can be submitted. No more application can be submitted within a year of submitting the first application. After a year of submission of the first application, the applicant can apply again for Financial support if he/ she has not already got the Financial support required.