We will provide financial assistance through three modes. We would request you to kindly go through these modes and choose which ones would you like to avail.
  • Facilitate Loans through Banks

    Work with Banks to provide Education Loans at concessional terms so that you can complete your education and repay the loan after you join work. The quantum of financial support will be large enough to cover program fee significantly.

  • Gig work for pay

    While you are studying, you can opt to work part time and also work remotely. You will require access to a computer or laptop to be able to do that. Depending on the time available, you can pick up appropriate work. You can be paid by the hour as you deliver the work. This can help you meet incidental expenses as you do your studies.

  • Scholarship

    We also provide scholarship or direct financial aid based on academic excellence and family’s financial condition. Leadership contribution of the student applying for scholarship to Social / National causes is particularly considered while evaluating an application for scholarship.

In the current year of 2022-23, we have provided scholarships @ Rs. 1000-Rs. 4000 per student per month to about  15 students for 1 year. The options of facilitating loans through banks and gig work for pay will be activated by the end of 2023.

In addition, we will also provide career guidance support through the following