The purpose of Arya Pragati USA is to provide financial support to capable financially underprivileged students in India to complete their studies. These studies could be for Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, preparation for competitive exams (like Administrative services) or any kind of vocational training. This financial support could be in the form of scholarships, student loans and temporary part time jobs or a combination of these.

The above purpose will be supported by an endowment fund under Arya Pragati USA. Each donor to the fund is expected to commit a minimum of $ 125000, to be given in one or more instalments. The funds will be invested in the USA in various instruments including the US Stock market. The annual return from such investment will be sent to Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha to expand the Pragati Program which is already in operation.

Arya Pragati USA is a 501 (c)(3) certified Charitable Organization. All donations made to it are fully tax deductible.

Donors have a choice to set up a similar program in Indian Rupees, in India. All donations, whether in India or in the USA, are tax exempt. Please contact any one of the members listed below for any questions or to join this noble cause

Contact the following for your queries and contribution to Arya Pragati USA:

Name Email Phone No
Vidya Bhushan Verma
+1 713 504 2707
Devinder Mahajan
+1 713 494 5382
Ashok Gupta
+1 574 360 0499