PRAGATI Financial Support Program

Supporting Higher Education for Nation Building

Arya Pragati Scholarship Registration 2023

India is the oldest civilization, but a young country in terms of its current age and demographics. Its youth have played a pivotal role in its independence as well as its development post-independence. We would like to support those youth who carry the zeal and enthusiasm to contribute to national and social causes.

For many years, many charitable efforts (like Pratham & Ekal) have been channeled towards underprivileged children in India.  The main focus of these efforts, thus far, has been on primary, middle and high school education.  Now, we would like to extend support to bright students for higher education. This would facilitate them to get opportunities to grow in various fields in public as well as private sector. They would be able to support the building of Bharat as a Nation.

If underprivileged, but bright youth are finding it financially challenging to complete their higher studies, either undergraduate or post graduate or any kind of vocational training, they are welcome to apply for financial assistance or support under this program which is called the “Arya Pragati Program”. The deserving students may also be supported to prepare and compete for administrative services and other competitive exams in public services, under this program 

The financial assistance could be provided to the selected students by

In addition, we can also provide part-time work options, called “Gig Work for pay” program. In this program, effort will be made to give part-time, limited duration short term work options to the students so that they can earn to fund their fees or expenses during their education. This way, not only do they stand on their own feet but also get critical work experience. It also helps us meet the requirements of significantly larger number of students.

You will also find references of various support programs being run that are targeted at preparing/ supporting students for a specific course. You may also apply for those.