We believe higher the level of leadership, the more holistic is it. A Leader identifies with a broader theme and takes a longer view of how to solve the challenges. The appeal of his vision is universal and timeless.
We are looking at supporting students who have the potential to be leaders of tomorrow. We will be observing the applications for Financial support on the following parameters

Personal conduct & lifestyle choices: We believe only students who have good conduct and make superior personal choices for themselves, can guide others for superior ones. Hence, the first condition we look for in the candidates are those who do not dissipate their energies and health through choices like being non-vegetarian or indulging in alcoholic drinks, smoking or drugs. Students who lead healthy lifestyles and uphold their character are the ones we would prefer to support in this program.

Thought leadership: Leaders have a view over what is happening around them. They demonstrate an ability to think objectively, and not get weighed down by tradition or blind faith. Neither are they disinterested in having an opinion around national or social causes. They question, analyse and develop a view point. They are have the courage to express their view point, even if it is against the tide.  And they express their views effectively enough, either orally or in writing.

Contribution: Leaders contribute. They contribute through time, effort or money to any cause that or a higher good. They join or develop teams for the causes they feel passionate about. They are good followers, and in turn, create followership.

Shri Krishna – the Yogi Raj: First, we believe Sri Krishna was human being, not a God. Nor was he involved in activities such as dating 16000 gopis or stealing butter. To the contrary, he is the only person who is called a Yogiraj. Yoga is control over one’s senses. He had complete control over his choices and his personal conduct was spotless.

He was “NeetiNipun” or a diplomat par excellence. His sermon through Gita is a timeless piece of guidance for anyone. He was also a Karma Yogi who performed every duty selflessly for the larger good.

Swami Dayananda – the seeker of Truth : Swami Dayananda, as a child, was disillusioned by the prevalent practices of blind faith and superstition. Not finding answers from elders at home, he had the courage to leave home at the age of 18 in the pursuit of true knowledge. He found true knowledge in the Vedas after spending 18 years of his life searching for it.

Just as a lamp has a perennial struggle with darkness, Swami Dayanand enlightened by the wisdom of Vedas, embarked on a struggle against all kinds of injustice, be it social, religious or political. While at one end, he won over millions of ardent followers, he also got many detractors whose self-interest was challenged by Swami Dayanand. He remained fearless against overwhelming odds and awakened the society. He was a leader in every aspect of his life.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam :  He led the Indian Scientific community in space & missile technology for most of his life. But, he was also a nationalist who had a vision for India that inspired the youth. He was the People’s President who shaped the National agenda during his tenure. He was an author, a speaker and a teacher. Even though he was a born Muslim, yet he deviated from the norm among Muslims to remain a vegetarian. All through, he maintained the highest level of integrity and moral values all his life. In a true sense, he was a leader.